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'20-'21 Booster Officers

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Greg Rice, President

Greg and his wife Desiree have one child in the West  Brook Band, a Junior. Greg is a graduate of Lamar University. He is also a West Brook alumni. We'd like to welcome Greg and we appreciate his service to the Band Boosters. 

 Deborah Drago, Treasurer

Deborah and her husband Phil have two children in the West Brook Band. A Junior and a Freshman. Deborah works with other 501(c)(3) and is a great addition to the Band Boosters

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Angie Wilson, Fundraising

Angie and her husband have a Senior this year. He is one of four Drum Majors this year. Angie has a desire to grow the West Brook band program and shows so by her willingness to serve as an Executive Board Member. 

Acasha Mills, Volunteers

Acasha (Cash) has served as a member of the Executive Board as Chaperones Chair for two years. She is full of energy and can get the volunteers pumped up. She's our number one cheer leader. 

Acasha has had two children in the West Brook Band. One was a Senior last year and her other will be a Senior this year. We appreciate all she does in her role as Chaperone Chair.  

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Liz Cokinos, Secretary

Liz and her husband Andre have two children in the West Brook Band. One will be a Senior this year and the other is a Sophmore. Liz works for an attorney and will be a fabulous Secretary for the Band Boosters.

Petula Whitfield

Petula is the Assistant Principal at Pathways. This year will be her first as a West Brook Band parent. Her son is a trumpet player. We'd like to welcome her aboard.